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Making sustainable choices is at the heart of what we stand for.

Our Portuguese manufacturing partner shares our ecological and social values. Production processes are constantly improved and refined to lower ecological impact: 

Water conservation:

Water conservation is an important focus, specially in arid Portugal, and advanced H2O circuits are used to reuse and save this precious resource in the manufactoring process. 

Recycling and zero-waste:

Through innovative recycling mehtods, including efficient recycling ciruits and wastewater treatment, we strive for a zero-waste production process. Unused raw materials, ceramic shards and other by-products are repurposed, ensuring minimal environmental impact.In our packaging we work on finding always more sustainable alternatives, avoiding plastic all together and focussing on recycled paper and cardboard. 

Local sourcing:

Raw materials comprising silica, sand, kaolin, and clays are sourced locally, reducing transportation emissions and supporting the local economy.

Fair, safe & inclusive work conditions: 

We ensure fair payment and secure working conditions. Our manufacturer, too, is dedicated to creating a positive, balanced work environment.

Education and Opportunity: 

Through various initiatives, education and skill development of the artisans is fostered. Our manufacturers commitment to equality, non-discrimination, and social inclusion resonates deeply with our ethos.

Community and Environment: 

By promoting and encouraging environmental practices, we foster a culture of sustainability both within and beyond our team and production facilities.Each piece of Izanami tableware is a unique work of art. Polished, finished, glazed, and hand-painted by skilled artisans, our products reflect the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship of Portuguese ceramic art. The personal touch of our artisans brings an incomparable warmth and character to every item.

In choosing Izanami, you're not just selecting tableware.

You're embracing a philosophy of beauty, responsibility, and respect — for the environment, your community, and the loving act of preparing and sharing a meal.