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3 schwarze Dippschalen aus Steingut Keramik der Kollektion Lietzensee

Sustainability as a Way of Life

At Izanami, we don't just embrace sustainability; we live it. Understanding the urgency of climate change, we're committed to creating pieces that align with our and our planet's needs. Our philosophy extends beyond mere products to encompass a lifestyle that respects and preserves our environment.

 Timeless Design, Lasting Quality:Our tableware is designed to transcend trends. We aim for timeless elegance paired with exceptional durability, believing that longevity is the cornerstone of sustainability. Each piece from Izanami is crafted to endure, both in style and substance. 

 Respect for Nature and Community:

Rooted in the heart of Portugal, we prioritise local sourcing to minimise emissions and bolster the local economy. Our partnership with local artisans ensures fair trade and supports community development. We're not just creating tableware; we're nurturing a network of sustainability that goes from European soil directly to your table. 


 Becher Set,Tasse set

Conscious Crafting

Every Izanami piece is a testament to skilled craftsmanship. Using locally sourced natural materials, our artisans handcraft each item, infusing it with uniqueness and personality. We embrace the beauty of imperfection, the Wabisabi way, celebrating each piece's individual story.

 Joining Hands with You:Choosing Izanami means more than just acquiring tableware. It's about joining a movement of beauty, responsibility, and conscientious living. Together, we can build a better, more sustainable world, one meal at a time.